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Saw Atomic Blonde last night. Enjoyed it. Wasn’t familiar with the comic, but the influence in style is clear.

Microsoft says security fixes will noticeably slow older PCs

If aliens wanted to affect our global computing power just a tiny bit and keep us distracted… this is exactly how’d write it.

Giving Alfred a try again. Spotlight works, but I miss a bit more power. Even suffering relearning my LaunchBar tricks, the speed difference in very noticeable.

Macdrifter carefully explains how blogs are dead or dying, and he’s also not into newsletters.

Intel’s KPTI flaw is really bad, but be ready to extreme simplifications. No 30% slowdown for most users it seems.

Brent Simmons is going to post more on, and so am I.

“wake up early” is an eternal failed resolution my life. Trying an alternative this year:

Realize that anything after 5am is sleeping late.

Interesting HN comments on Wired’s Kindle piece. Many only use Kindle for fiction and print books for non-fiction. I do all fiction on Kindle and non-fiction on iPhone – for convenience of reading snippets throughout the day.

Finally saw The Last Jedi. Spoiler free thoughts:
1. Glad I only watched the first trailer. 2. Rogue One still my favorite Disney era movie. 3. Don’t need to digest much, it’s a first reaction kinda movie.

Found my AirPods.

Excellent point:

These new apps may feel less like Mac apps, but I’d bet good money they’ll run better than something using web views or Electron. More on Universal Apps – 512 Pixels

Not doing so great on the non-fiction reading these past few months. About to finish Shoe Dog, by way behind what I wanted to have done in 2017.

Grit is next.

Giving the default macOS Spotlight a try for a few days. LaunchBar has felt slow in the last few versions and since it my main interface for most things — everything feels slow.

Also, when”reputable” futures markets appear, the speculation will work both ways. Contributing to a parabolic behavior on the BTC price.

Without a doubt cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the future. But I don’t see the corresponding demand of usage behind the current frenzy – just pure speculation. Can’t help but expect black day for BTC value between now and Chinese New Year.

Gemini PDA: 20 Years On, Meet The All New Psion Series 5

I want this… so much.

Head to head testing between Nest and Wyze cam starts now. Curious if the 10x price difference is reflected in features. One thing I still trust Nest more is security – Wyze will go on common areas for a while.

RememBear looks like a solid password manager from the TunnelBear people. Not moving away from 1Password anytime soon, but good to have around to recommend.

Winter is coming. However, if you do order an ark of the covenant, we are able to find it.

Saw Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Amazing effects but overall editing gave me a prequels vibe: forced and far from the delight of Fifth Element.