Roberto Mateu

Ordering coffee at 130 degrees in Starbucks is the hipster idiom that I’m least ashamed to say out lout. Thank you André Hess for all the hipster-millennial wisdom.

I have welcomed emojis into my heart and keyboard. I held out long enough ;) but we lost the war, and it’s time to accept it. Long live the 🤓.

I’m back on my quarterly install of Google’s Gboard keyboard.

Ran across Jacoby Young’s Less, More, and None life priority list again. His whole site is such an information dense fun ride. Lots of stuff to copy.

In 2003 I visited my first Apple Store, in Cambridge, MA. I was beyond excited. Little did I know that 4 years later I’d buy the first iPhone on the same store.

A few seconds before this photo, Bettina grabbed my face, turned it on the side, and planted a big kiss on my cheek. This is what happiness filled with a melted heart looks like.

Yesterday we celebrated Ana’s birthday. My better half has given me two better wholes – each as beautiful and intense as their mom. Which makes the amount of love and effort she gives all of us quite literally infinite. We love you.

This week Robie decided we had to wear (clean) masks for the bedtime story… and last night Bettina joined our book club.


Dave Winer:

If it doesn’t have a feed it isn’t a podcast.

I subscribe to Marco Arment’s theorem:

On a long enough timescale, Dave Winer is usually proven right.

Tracking Expenses (Part 1)

For 2019 we’re trying to have better controls of our expenses at home. After trying a few Apps, we settled on Next on the iPhone. It does an amazing job at expense input, and a adequate one at reporting.

After 1 month even Ana is enjoying the habit – or at least tolerating it. But the next step is some sort of conciliation, where we hopefully give it better name, and have some alcohol while doing it.

Just getting started, but Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke has me glued to the first chapter. A few more insights like the difference before decision & result – and it may be my favorite non fiction of the year.

Mario Kart for iPhone delay could also be related to the rumored game subscription service Apple is working on.

From an IT perspective ChromeOS devices are a dream come true. But going as far as offering Pixelbooks as MacBook alternatives for designers feels pretty aggressive. If they do become a solid dev machine with Linux stuff, then Win/macOS are going to feel the hurt.

What a week. Amazing how interests trumped ideology on my dislike towards those that are helping Venezuela.

At the same time awed over the will of people to not give up, and the bravery of leaders that don’t let them. I dare not dream, but will never criticize those who do.

After 11 years of use (10 of them paid), I’m taking a break from Dropbox. It’s still the best cloud drive software, but not sure anymore if worth the expense alongside iCloud. We shall see.

If the rumored iPad mini is the insides of a 2018 iPad 9.7 in a mini frame with Pencil support, sign me up for one.

Learning about habit stacking has been a surprisingly powerful tool. It’s not a super power – because it’s not painless to use. But it’s impressive to see a mind hack that does consistently show results. Highly recommend Atomic Habits by James Clear

Enjoyed First Man 📺. The claustrophobic scenes from inside the ships were enlightening. Any movie based on a book that makes me want to read the book gets extra points from me.

Hmmm, our next generation anti-virus at work might be getting a bit overzealous. Either that, or this Mac is about to blowup.

I don’t remember any of my Norwegian friends so militant about the matpakke lunch, but it was a fascinating cultural thing.

Absolutely best way to finish the year. Amazingly we saw the whole movie – and of course I loved it.

A very special Aruba Christmas

The fact there’s no XR leather case from Apple leaves little doubt that the iPhone XR is the cheap version of the XS – which was the opposite of why I told my Dad to get the XR as we entered the store.

Get your shit together Apple.

Vacation mode dock enabled.

The new Men In Black trailer looks very fun. Sadly the new Hellboy trailer felt off. Wish it was the other way around.