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Giving the default macOS Spotlight a try for a few days. LaunchBar has felt slow in the last few versions and since it my main interface for most things — everything feels slow.

Also, when”reputable” futures markets appear, the speculation will work both ways. Contributing to a parabolic behavior on the BTC price.

Without a doubt cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the future. But I don’t see the corresponding demand of usage behind the current frenzy – just pure speculation. Can’t help but expect black day for BTC value between now and Chinese New Year.

Gemini PDA: 20 Years On, Meet The All New Psion Series 5

I want this… so much.

Head to head testing between Nest and Wyze cam starts now. Curious if the 10x price difference is reflected in features. One thing I still trust Nest more is security – Wyze will go on common areas for a while.

RememBear looks like a solid password manager from the TunnelBear people. Not moving away from 1Password anytime soon, but good to have around to recommend.

Winter is coming. However, if you do order an ark of the covenant, we are able to find it.

Saw Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Amazing effects but overall editing gave me a prequels vibe: forced and far from the delight of Fifth Element.

> The best way to browse Reddit’s /r/todayilearned/

Just wasted a good 10 min on this app.

I’ve switched my writing (as if) to Ulysses, but IA Writter 5 is a very clean update. Looking forward to the Mac version.

Exile’s Kiss You All Over is one my favorite new discoveries of the Red Oaks soundtrack.

This open letter to Apple regarding foreign taxes is the perfect example of why Scott Galloway says that Europe is going to be the downfall of the four tech giants.

CrossOver for ChromeOS (via android) is a very intriguing idea.

Excited for Firefox 57 on the desktop and Firefox 10.0 on iOS coming next week.

Been trying to send money to Costa Rica for almost a week… so I welcome our upcoming Apple Pay for iMessage overlords.

Today while playing Robie told me Papi, cell aquí and pointed to the floor so I’d put the iPhone down. Multiple emotions, including amazement and a pinch of shame.

Taking a break from Sci-Fi, started The Nix by Nathan Hill last night.

Some app updates make me hungry.

Giving up on New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson. Usually love his books, but this is a mess of a novel. Story is all over the place and characters are two-dimensional. Really doesn’t read like him.

The building blocks of Saturday.