Roberto Mateu

With T-Mobile, seems all major US carriers will support eSIM by years end. Gather around kids, let me tell you about the string of hacks I had to do 8 years ago to use my unlocked norwegian iPhone 3GS with a prepaid AT&T line.

Of course Mozilla has to say that giving up on EdgeHTML is bad, but they are still right. I currently use Safari for personal browsing and Opera (Chromium based) for work, but will try to give Firefox another try.

Microsoft confirms Edge is moving to Chromium sometime next year. I understand the reasoning and business case, but the consolidation of browser engines is not great for the web.

The Verge’s Better Worlds: a science fiction project about hope sounds – and looks – like a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to it.

Land Rover Defender Spied Flaunting Its New Body In The U.K.

I’ll be the grumpy old man… what in the name of rover is all this rounded shite?.

A tip for all Uber drivers: play your local jazz radio station at a reasonable low volume, and the whole experience is instantly upgraded.

I’d rather buy the digital download version of Firefly (again) than watch it free on Facebook.

Zcash (ZEC) is launching on Coinbase Pro. I have a special appreciation for Zcash as a project – it seems to have the sanest mind in the popular crypto world.

Had lunch with my yellow princess.

On Sundays we go out. Otherwise these two (plus mom) get encierro – aka cabin fever.

After lunch cappuccino with the Prismo AeroPress thingy. It was made out of need – not play – and I surprised myself how well it turned out.

We made a killer entrecôte today.

We Went Painting

Robie and Ana painted a plane, and Bettina tried to paint everything.

Another gift coffee. Very chocolatey. Trying to see if I can tell the difference between the grounded coffee bag or beans.

Forgot to post this in the morning: trying a new Salvadorian medium roast I got as a gift. It’s lighter than what I usually get, but enjoying the flavor.

El más feliz de los 37 cumpleaños. Muy agradecido por los mensajes.

Sugar and Star Wars. My wife so gets me.

Cleaning up my 4 year old account on Ana’s MacBook Pro. Still takes all of my willpower to click delete on OmniDiskSweeper for stuff that should be either backed up twice over, or better forgotten.

How things change, I had completely forgotten macOS Mojave come out tomorrow. I remember loosing sleep over Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger release.

Not the first time Seth Godin inspires me, but looking as his short posts, I’m going to challenge myself to publish at least 50 words daily for the rest of the year.

My iPhone XS arrived!!! to Miami. Now I just need to patiently wait a few weeks to visit and pick up.

Really excited to start listening to Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda.

For the Love of Spock is a solid documentary. A cultural icon played by a good person with normal good person problems. The father/son aspect was unexpected, but worth noting in my parenthood’s scrapbook of emotional concerns.

Sous vide cold brew experiment this morning with my favorite barista helper.

Picked up some freshly roasted coffee to try later today.