Roberto Mateu

Owner of at least two Roberto Mateu’s hearts. (Co-owner with Amelia @anamateu actually)

First time in the big boy seat

Would love a comparison between Studio Neat’s upcoming Mark One and Baron Fig’s Squire.

I have to agree out of principle… and justifying my eternal ToDo throughout my life 🔗 Why Rotating Task Managers Regularly Can Make You More Productive

Going to give Jellies a try. YouTube Kid’s ad-supported model is starting to show more and more when I check on Robie’s videos. And recent news about their filtering algorithm worries me.

Cena Peruana Tempranera

No le pongamos el chupón para que no se duerma….

Jason Fried makes the case (unknowingly?) for no follower info model by-design.

However, from the HNews thread on digg reader, Winds 2.0 app looks interesting (although electron… sigh).

Sad that digg reader is shutting down. I’m a happy Feed Wrangler user, but the demise of RSS services feels ominous in the current environment of walled gardens online.

For DRM-free audiobooks, Bound is my favorite iOS app. As other apps have become more sticky, I’ve removed DRM from audiobooks to use its clean UI.

A good bad day at work. Encountered ( found gives me too much credit) a blocker bug, and had to delay a feature. But the debugging and fixing went well. Really appreciate colleagues patience when you’re so boxed-in a problem you loose perspective for the workaround.

We saw Wonder today. It’s a feel good movie that touches all the buttons. But it does makes you acknowledge an imperfect world, which I think it navigates pretty well. Enjoyed it.

Saturday trip stop.

Wish TunnelBear team the best in joining McAfee. But would feel uncomfortable if it were 1Password.

The parent company wants us to keep being awesome! narrative works until the awesome growth numbers aren’t met.

Been enjoying the Scribd service, and will probably finish Sapiens before it’s not available anymore – but it kinda puts a dent in the whole point of unlimited.

I present both the most complex engineering project I’ve embarked upon and the longest instructions deciphering my brain has ever attempted.

Let it be known that a chair was assembled, despite the manufacturer’s wishes.

YouTube TV doesn’t let me cancel from Safari… which would be fine, if it hadn’t let me subscribe from Safari. Tst, tst, walled garden with free entry gate.

Bettina's First Beach Day

After planning to go to Playa Mantas we ended up in Playa Herradura. Fun day with less fun traffic on the way back.

Josh Comeau’s webpage, Let’s Learn About Waveforms, deserves many awards.

Excited about Legion Season 2. The first season was probably my favorite show of 2017.