Testing YAWN (yet another workflow nugget).

Ok, funny new workflow from Desktop:

  1. Comment on Github Issue in Markdown
  2. Triggers Webhook to Zapier (⚡️Instant)
  3. Appends to micro_today.txt in Dropbox
  4. Nightly a Zapier job renames to YYYY-MM-DD.txt

On mobile:

  1. Drafts 5 appends directly to micro_today.txt
  2. Hooks into the #4 above.

And just as I finished this hack workaround to group daily post on the blog… I notice this guide on the blot dev site Group posts by date.

BRB, will be crying in the corner.

Only thing about new append workflow is that daily post are in reverse order. In my mind, latest of a day should always be on top. But prepends are not as easy.

❄️☕️ Tried the recent official Aeropress Cold Brew recipe and… not terrible. I think my grinder does not go fine enough, so there’s a lot of dripping while stirring.

Still, the end result was in the vicinity of cold brew: soft flavor and no acidity. Probably will try with the Prismo next time.

Just realized my iPhone DayOne was not synching to the cloud. No warning whatsoever from the client until I went into settings. This is how dataloss happens.

Roberto Mateu @roberto