I’ve just spend a month traveling. It was basically a combination of fortunate smaller trips that together made a great one:

San Juan (Puerto Rico)

An island full of flavor. With a duality incorporated to every aspect of life: latins in a anglo-saxon context. Business potential that could be the beginning of something or the end of something even bigger. I’ll be back.

Miami/Boca Raton

Friends that are family and real family you see less than friends. Things have changed but the love remains the same. When you have no answers you might as well listen and learn. Hope I was quiet enough.


Amazing how good memories can still make you sad. Still, great friend from different places. Best wedding speech I’ve ever heard —including movies—, thanks Jake.


Borrowed life, might as well enjoy it. Get some friends together and postpone all problems, what can go wrong? Exactly. Don’t forget reality, but leave it behind on this trip. Look around and just smile, it very rarely happens this easily.


The meaning of family. Brady Bunch and Flounders combined on a happyfest. Blame globalization or politics, we where not designed for distance relationships. Europe reminds me of many things I miss, but also of a loneliness I don’t.

Roberto Mateu @roberto