Roberto Mateu

What's my name again?

I’m struggling deciding how and where to microblog. Which is kind of stupid since I’d already setup everything on blot last year. But makes everything so simple and easy to post (specially photos), that it’s difficult to switch back.

Naming also has me confused. Having the microblog at sounds logical, but I just enjoy the domain for some reason.

There’s two advantages has over my regular blog:

  1. Ease of posting
  2. It’s a community

The ease of posting is relative but real. I can achieve everything the native client offers with different apps and workflows – but then again, just does it with the app. And the cross posting is extremely well thought out.

The community part is more complicated. A blogpost is mostly lost in the void of RSS readers and occasional visitors to the site. But there’s no real equivalent of a community. Also, is it really the community? Or is it the sensation of being read a reply in gives you? versus the absolute silence of the stand alone blog.

Anyways, posting on the blog has stopped because a leaving Miami draft I’ve had since January. Pushing that one out tomorrow one way or another.